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Goodbye, Breastfeeding

Goodbye, Breastfeeding

2014-03-05 20.41.12This is such a beautiful post about weaning, taken from the blog ‘The Single Crunch‘, written by Kimberly, a work at home mama to two girls. This beautiful story had me welling up as I fast approach this place in my life also. I felt the need to share this story as it is so touching, and I am sure may people can relate to it. This is a topic that is not talked about enough. There is so much focus placed upon the actual act of breastfeeding, and the duration of breastfeeding, but not a lot of attention to what happens afterwards. I would love to hear more about other people’s weaning stories and experiences.


Mother’s Milk

Amy Goalen offers her photography services to create one of a kind portraits of nursing mothers in the Los Angeles area. In 2010 Amy used her stunning photography to create a book. The book titled ‘Mother’s Milk’, is published on Blub.com, and is a collection of intimate portraits of nursing mothers aimed to promote and normalize breastfeeding within our culture. This is a selection of her work…

Nursing is Normal

Nursing is Normal is a photographic project that shows mothers nursing in public places. All photos are taken by husband and wife duo, Zachary and Michelle Stephens in and around Brattleboro, VT. All moms and babes are volunteers. Our goal is to promote nursing as it should be, normal.

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