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One Week On…

This week has been like no other I have ever experienced.

Last Thursday marked the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, and although it’s only been one week since he made his peaceful entrance in to the world, I now can’t imagine life without him. One week in to motherhood, and yes, sleep deprived, sore, and covered in milk, it is still the most magical experience. I can’t help but stare at him sometimes as he sleeps, wondering what he dreams about, but also wondering how I got to be so lucky.

The birth was by far the most challenging experience I have ever encountered, both physically and emotionally, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The birth pushed me beyond limits I never knew I had. It pushed me through intense moments of fear, doubt, excitement, fatigue, pain and finally intense elation, joy and love. Surrounded by love and support, our baby boy was born at home in our bedroom, without intervention or medication, without being rushed, in exactly the way he needed to be born, which was important to me. I was supported with my amazing husband by my side, and fantastic Midwives who knew us both and knew our desires and wishes, and who I love and trust.

The whole experience has reinforced my belief not only in natural birth, but in nature’s design for life and the miracles our body can perform without instruction. As a mommy now, I know the birth of my son will only enhance my abilities as a Midwife, bringing another level of confidence to my practice, and help me to connect with the women I care for on a deeper level.

The journey was wild, but worth every moment. I look back on it with nothing but satisfaction, joy and love.

That Thursday one week ago, June 28th 2012, I will remember for a lifetime.


Coming Soon…

Are you ready for More Business of Being Born??

Me too!!

Watch this space…


Home Births on the Rise Across U.S.

Boy for Blair!!

Selma Blair has become the next in line of celebrity moms to welcome their new life in to the world. Congratulations to Selma and her fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick who welcomed their baby boy, Arthur Saint Bleick, on Monday 25th July, nearly 3 weeks ‘late’ according to the press!

Go Selma!!

Does anyone know if we had the home birth she wished for?

One World Birth Webinar!…NOW!

A Physician’s Home Birth Presentation to the Board of Medicine

Thank you to ‘Bring Birth Home‘ for sharing.

I had the honor of making a consumer presentation to the Pennsylvanian Board of Medicine on behalf of Certified Professional Midwives for their appeal for licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Currently, there are no laws, therefore no regulation, regarding CPMs in Pennsylvania. Access to a midwife CPM is the right of every woman who desires it. This was my presentation to the Board.

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Q&A With Ina May

Surround Yourself With Positive Birth Energy

Choosing the right members for your birth ‘team’, can have a huge impact on how smoothly your labor and birth flow. Bear in mind that for most women, the more people she has present during her labor and birth, the longer the labor will be. Birth, for the most part is a very private act, therefore it is important, that whoever you choose to have at your birth, you feel completely relaxed with. When you feel safe and supported in labor, your brain produces hormones that help you to relax, allowing your labor to progress, and reducing your risk of needing interventions. Research has shown that the better the support a woman receives, the easier her labor will be, and the more satisfied she will be with their birth experience. It is well documented that women who receive continuous labor support from a Doula, Midwife or other trained labor support, are less likely to have a cesarean birth, or other medical interventions.

Birth is a primal act, and the best way to allow labor to unfold naturally is by allowing yourself to be transported to a primal state of mind, often referred to as ‘Labor Land’. If you feel too conscious about yourself, or that you are being ‘watched’ by others around you, this will distract you from being fully immersed in to this altered state, and interrupt the natural progression of labor.

Think of your birth as a marathon. A journey that will push you further than you have ever been before. Well beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. A journey that requires you to traverse uneven terrain and persevere through the unknown, until you accomplish your mission.

Whoever you take with you on this amazing adventure, choose people you know will be supportive of your birth choices, calm and encouraging, even if events become challenging. Choose someone who is focused and can help you find your way, no matter how unsteady the ground is

Do not feel obliged to have family members or friends, or even your partner present for your birth if you do not feel completely comfortable in their presence.

Choose the people who are right for you, whoever they may be.

Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Homebirth

I have just come across a great article by actress, Mayim Bialik discussing why women should not be fearful of homebirth. She talks about the most commonly cited reasons not to have a homebirth to try to illustrate why women do choose and advocate homebirth.

Mayim Bialik has given birth at home, loved it, and thinks people need to know more about it.

The world needs more role models like this to speak up for natural birth.

Click to read her full article…’Mayim Bialik:Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Homebirth‘.

SmiffyBaby welcomes you!

Hi Everyone and welcome!

I am excited to be launching my new blog, SmiffyBaby//Certified Organic Births.

As some of you may already know, I am a Midwife and Doula, and I am passionate about all things bumps, babies and beyond! My aim is to create awareness, spark discussion and inspire people to look beyond the ‘normal’ practices that occur within our maternity systems today. I want to celebrate the true beauty of pregnancy and birth, and also create a space where you as followers can offer your opinions and thoughts. So please feel free to send me your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.